clean India green India essay| clean India green India essay 100 words

clean India green India essay

clean India green India essay 100 words, clean India green India essay will discuss some of the major initiatives taken as part of this mission and their impact on improving India’s environment.

clean India green India essay 100 words:

Green India Mission is one of the national missions launched by the Government of India under the National Action Plan on Climate Change. The campaign was launched on 2 October 2014 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The mission aims to increase forest and tree cover and improve the quality of forest cover over a period of ten years. The Government of India has made great strides in recent years to improve the condition of the environment and promote cleanliness throughout the country. Government has provided subsidy for solar panels to promote clean energy, special training program for women so that they can generate livelihood through recycling waste. The advantage of this campaign is that it can teach children about the importance of keeping the environment clean from an early age and it will inculcate a sense of responsibility among all citizens.

clean India green India essay

clean India green India essay

Swachh Bharat, also known as Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, is a nationwide campaign aimed at making the country of India clean. It was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 2 October 2014. Moving forward in this order of cleanliness, the Government of India has started an ambitious mission to make the country green and sustainable. The Green India Mission is a flagship program of the government that aims to increase the forest and tree cover in the country, improve the quality of forests, enhance ecosystem services and promote green development. Under this mission, the aim is to increase cleanliness and remove litter and garbage from public places. It also strives to promote awareness on personal hygiene and cleanliness, and ensure that the people of India have access to toilets. In this sequence, the government is encouraging people to make their contribution in cleaning the environment.
The Green India mission includes creating cleanliness awareness among people, availability of dustbins and waste collection facilities, cleaning public places, reducing sources of pollution and improving the quality of ground water. Clean India and Green India are the initiatives taken by the government to keep our country clean, green and healthy. Swachh Bharat is a movement to make India a clean and green country.

Importance of Green India Mission:

Green India Mission is one of the National Missions under the National Action Plan on Climate Change (NPCC). The objective of the mission is to create an enabling environment for conservation, enhancement and sustainable use of India’s forest resources. The mission will also contribute to climate change mitigation by increasing carbon sinks through enhanced tree and biomass growth.

The objectives of the Green India Mission are:

  • To increase the present geographical area of ​​forest/tree cover in the country
  • To increase green cover in another 10 million hectares
  • Improving the quality of forests
  • Eco-tourism, non-timber forest products. Creating new employment opportunities through bamboo cultivation etc.

The first step towards achieving these objectives would be to promote afforestation and afforestation activities across the country. This will help in increasing the tree cover as well as improving the quality of forests. It is important to involve all stakeholders including local communities, NGOs, government agencies etc. to ensure that these activities are carried out effectively. Apart from afforestation and reforestation activities, the Green India Mission also focuses on sustainable management of forests which includes conservation and regeneration of degraded forest areas. This will help in improving the ecosystem services provided by forests like carbon sequestration, water recharge etc. It will also contribute to mitigating the effects of climate change.

Results from the Implementation of Green India Mission:

Green India Mission is an ambitious effort of the Government of India to create a green and sustainable environment. To achieve this ambitious goal, various measures are being taken such as door-to-door waste collection, community establishment. Composting units, construction/upgradation of landfill sites etc. Significant progress has been made on this front under the Green India Mission, with door-to-door waste collection now being implemented in more and more cities across India. This has resulted in cleaning of roads and reduction in pollution levels as well as creating employment opportunities for thousands of people involved in these activities. Another major focus area under this mission is solid waste management with the aim of making all public places litter-free. With objectives such as improving solid waste management, this nationwide campaign is slowly but surely changing that.
On the other hand, one of the main objectives of the Swachh Bharat Mission is to eliminate open defecation by constructing toilets for all households that do not have toilets. The initiative has had a tremendous impact on improving sanitation conditions in rural India. Access to sanitation facilities has increased for millions of people. This has resulted in cleaner villages and reduction in cases of water-borne diseases due to mass sanitation practices.

How we can keep India green and clean:

The best way to keep India green and clean is by following the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. This means reducing the amount of waste we generate, reusing what we can and recycling what we cannot. Composting is one way to reduce the amount of waste we produce. Composting is when you turn organic matter into fertilizer for your plants. This reduces the amount of waste going to landfill sites. Reusing items is another way to reduce wastage; Instead of throwing away an item after only one use, try to find a new use for it or donate it so that someone else can use it. Recycling should be done as a last resort because even though recycling helps reduce pollution, it takes more energy and resources than reusing an item.


The conclusion of Swachh Bharat Green India is that the country needs to focus on improving its infrastructure and environmental policies to make progress towards becoming a clean and green nation. While some progress has been made in recent years, much more needs to be done to make India truly clean and green. With a population of over 1.3 billion people, it is imperative that the country makes concerted efforts to improve its environment so that present and future generations can enjoy a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Lastly, the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan or Clean India Mission, launched in 2014, is making a great positive impact in making India more clean and green. In other words the face of the nation for the better.


1. What are the benefits of clean India?
Ans. Initiatives such as reducing open defecation, promoting the use of toilets, educating people about pollution and disposing of waste in a scientific manner have been successful in many ways.

2. Who started the clean India?
Ans. Green India Mission is one of the national missions launched by the Government of India under the National Action Plan on Climate Change. This campaign. It was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 2 October 2014.

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