Republic Day Essay in English 10 lines| Essay on Republic Day

Republic Day Essay in English 10 lines

Read, Republic Day Essay in English 10 lines, Essay on Republic Day

Republic Day Essay in English 10 lines:

1 Republic Day is a national festival celebrated in India every year on 26 January. It commemorates the date when the Indian Constitution came into force and India became a sovereign, socialist, secular democratic republic.

2 The main purpose of celebrating Republic Day is to remember the Constitution and those who died for it. It is also an occasion to remember those who fought for India’s independence and made the country a better place for all its citizens. Continued working towards making.

3 Republic Day reminds us that we are all equal citizens regardless of our caste, creed or religion and this spirit makes us proud Indians.

4 It is an important part of Indian history and culture. It reminds us of our commitment to democracy and diversity as well as our unity as a nation.

5 On this day, there are many events that are organized by government officials across the country including parades by military contingents and fly pasts by aircraft. Tableaux and cultural dance groups representing different states participate. It is a very popular event and attracts huge crowds every year.

Republic Day Essay in English 10 lines

6 This day is celebrated with great fanfare across the country with parades, flag hoisting ceremonies and cultural programs. School colleges, educational institutions have different programs in the parade.

7 Republic Day celebrates the values ​​of our republic, which include equality and unity in diversity. It is a national holiday in India and people from all walks of life participate in various events and activities organized to mark the occasion.

8 On this day we also remember and pay tribute to all those who have served or are serving our country with dedication and commitment.

9 It is time for all Indians to come together and take pride in being citizens of this great nation.

10 We reaffirm our commitment to building a stronger and more prosperous India that provides equal opportunities for all its citizens, regardless of caste, creed or religion.

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Essay on Republic Day: Introduction

Every year on 26 January, India celebrates Republic Day. It commemorates the day when the Constitution of India came into force in 1950, making India a sovereign, secular republic. The Constitution was prepared by a Constituent Assembly which was elected by the people of India. The Constitution of India came into force on this day in 1950 and since then the country has remained a republic.
This means that we have elected officials who represent us and make decisions on our behalf. We also have an independent judiciary to ensure that everyone is treated fairly under the law. Republic Day is a national holiday in India. The main event of this festival of democracy is held in New Delhi, where the President of India hoists the national flag on the Rajpath, which is followed by a grand parade. On the Rajpath, various units of the Indian Armed Forces march past showcasing their military might and capabilities

History of Republic Day:

Under the leadership of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, the constitution was prepared in 2 years, 11 months and 18 days. The constitution was implemented on 26 January 1950 and our country India was declared a full republic. It was adopted by the Constituent Assembly of India on 26 November 1949 and the Constitution of India came into force on 26 January 1950. In 1930, the Indian National Congress had declared India as Purna Swaraj, so the date of January 26 was chosen to implement the Constitution of India.

REPUBLIC DAY: National Festival

The constitution was enacted to become an independent republic and to establish the rule of law in the country. Republic Day is celebrated every year on 26 January to mark the day the Constitution of India came into force. People from all walks of life come together to celebrate this auspicious occasion. The main event is held at Rajpath, New Delhi where the President of India presides over the parade and takes the salute. This is followed by a grand display of fireworks. Celebrations on Republic Day begin with a grand parade at Rajpath in New Delhi, attended by dignitaries from around the world, including heads of state/government, diplomats and other honored guests. There are People also participate in various cultural events and programs organized across the country to mark this special day. In schools and colleges, students dress up as freedom fighters or patriotic figures from Indian history and deliver speeches or stage plays related to them. Competitions are also held for the best essay, poem or painting related to the theme of Republic Day. Overall, it is a day when everyone comes together to celebrate being an Indian.

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Importance of Republic Day:

Republic Day is a very important day for all Indians as it reminds us of our country’s struggle for independence and its final victory over colonialism. On this day, we remember and honor all those who fought for our freedom and they sacrificed their life so that we can live in a free and democratic nation. We also reaffirm our commitment to uphold the values ​​and principles enshrined in our Constitution. This is an important milestone in our history. It reminds us of the hard fight we fought for freedom and the sacrifices made by our ancestors to achieve it. But more importantly, it is a day to celebrate our democracy and all its aspects. In a world sharply divided along religious and political lines, India’s commitment to secularism and pluralism is more important than ever. Our constitution protects equality for all citizens regardless of caste or creed. India is a country with so many color’s, cultures and religions. On Republic Day we are celebrating the values ​​of our republic like equality and unity in diversity. This country has made many progress in that time and it is because of the brave men and women who have served this country with full dedication. On this Republic Day, let us reaffirm our faith in these values ​​which make India truly unique and special.


Republic Day is an important day in India as it commemorates the country’s independence from British rule. Today, it is celebrated with great enthusiasm and happiness by the Indian citizens who take immense pride in their country. It is a day to remember those who fought for India’s independence. sacrificed their lives and was achieved by the efforts of those brave hearts. This joyous occasion to celebrate the victory of good over evil should be truly appreciated by all Indians. Republic Day is a reminder of how far we have come as a nation and how much potential we have to grow and prosper. It is also a time to reflect on the values ​​that make us Indians – values ​​like tolerance, respect for others and equality before law. if we want For India to remain strong and united, these values ​​must be followed by all of us.


1. What is Republic Day few lines?
Republic Day It is a national festival that commemorates the day when the Constitution of India came into force. The Constitution was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on 26 January 1950. The Republic Day celebrations begin with a grand parade. The parade is attended by marching contingents from all branches of the Indian Armed Forces, various paramilitary forces and police forces. Apart from this, tableaux representing different states of India, A cultural dance is presented by school children.

2.When did India become a Republic?
The Constitution of India was passed on 26 November 1949 and came into effect on 26 January 1950.

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